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Although there are many nonprofits working in the international development space, few meet the impact and transparency criteria charity evaluator GiveWell seeks in a highly-effective program. They "wish [they] had more top charities … there will need to be more recommended charities in order to productively use all the donations that GiveWell-influenced donors are making. One of [their] major activities is trying to expand [their] top charities list, both by investigating charities that already exist, and by supporting activities — from new nonprofits to studies — that could eventually result in a larger set of evidence-backed programs and a larger set of top charities."

To get started, check out their past incubation grant recipients and their current priority programs. (You will also likely benefit from an understanding of the existing global poverty interventions that support GiveWell’s choices of top charities.) Charity Entrepreneurship has taken GiveWell’s request for new charities seriously, further ranking the priority programs and starting a charity to tackle the first of their list of five. Contact them if you have the interest, operational competency, and the willingness to acquire domain expertise. GiveWell, Charity Entrepreneurship, and many other sources will gladly fund you to do this work.