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Check out these organizations

There are lots of organizations that are trying to make the world a better place as effectively a possible. Here are some you could investigate, for ideas, internships, and career opportunities:

Effective altruism community

Effective giving

  • GiveWell: Finds outstanding giving opportunities to help donors decide where to give.

  • Open Philanthropy Project: Makes grants and researches how to accomplish as much good as possible with our giving.

  • Good Ventures: Provides funding to help humanity thrive.

  • Giving What We Can: A community of people who have pledged to donate 10% of their income to the most effective charities.

  • The Life You Can Save: Raises awareness of extreme poverty and encourages effective giving.

  • Charity Science: Applies scientific principles to doing good and make it easy for people to give to evidence-based charities.

Career Choice

  • 80,000 Hours: Provides careers advice service for talented young people to help them have a high social impact.

Existential risk reduction

Animal welfare

  • Sentience Politics: Aims to reduce the suffering of all sentient beings with political campaigns, research and movement building.

  • Animal Charity Evaluators: Finds and promotes the most effective ways to help animals.

  • Faunalytics: Helps animal advocates identify effective strategies through research and works directly with organizations to help them measure and improve impact.